Blabla Knitted Nursery Mobile Dream Catcher


Each of our hand knitted dream catchers have a unique skill. They can both ward off horrid nightmares whilst at the same time collect all good dreams to be used again later. This makes them a delightful addition to baby's cot and a great way to give sweet dreams.

With five beautiful designs to choose from you are sure to find the perfect companion. Let our Mermaid Dream Catcher take your little one for adventures in the deep and imagine an exciting world beneath the waves. Prefer the skies to the seas? Our carefully crafted Red Bird Dream Catcher will tweet sweet lullabies to lull little one to sleep and be a delightful wakeup call come morning or for your night owl, one of our smartest characters, the Knitted Owl will regale your little one with stories and fun facts until morning.

It is a well-known fact that counting sheep is one of the best ways to get to sleep. Therefore not only is our Knitted Sheep Dream Catcher beautifully made, but also a great way to soothe a baby before bedtime. For more Safari than Farm, you can put little one to bed safe in the knowledge that our Knitted Lion Dream Catcher will always be watching over, as a protector and friend.

The Knitted Apple Tree Dream Catcher is a charming alternative to our other characters, making you think of nature and life in its subtle way.

Made from pure cotton these dream catchers are 7 inches in diameter, meaning they take up little room, but make a huge impact to any room. With an adjustable length of 45 inches they can stay well within a young baby's visual range and then be shortened as they grow, to keep just out of reach.

Our Dream Rings look great on their own, but are even better when hung with friends. Pick up a couple and brighten any space.

*Hardware not provided