Chestnut the Trusty Steed


With Chestnut the Trusty Steed by your side, there'll be no stopping you in your dreams to become a true cowboy or cowgirl. Chestnut's deep brown plush body stands grand and tall; whilst his deep and thick jet-black mane is so realistic you'll not be able to resist stroking him every time you walk past.

With a luxurious hand-finished appeal, the airbrushed effects of Chestnut's intricate details ensure a lifelike feel to this proud room accessory. Elegant and graceful, Chestnut has an internal support system that means he can be placed anywhere around the home and can even stand unaided.

So rare is Chestnut that he really is a collector's item to be treasured for generations to come.

Our exquisite life-size animal soft toy will help to truly enhance interior design themes and help to create a grandiose feeling for any room. Exquisitely crafted from the finest materials, this showpiece ensures a high quality finish and an intricate attention to detail.

Depth: 140 cm | Height: 130cm | Width: 45cm