Corey Drawerwell Cabinet

Handmade Creative Furniture

A surfer since the age of 3, Corey took to the waves like an attractive piece of furniture to a well-designed room. His passion started just for fun, but soon became a huge part of his life, so much so that he now enters surf tournaments across the globe. Always cheered on by his family when he competes at home, he regularly takes time out to watch Barry perform and take Ricky out for a ride on the water.

Made from Maple Veneer, this is an amazing piece to bring fun and imagination to life, for kids and adults alike.

This extraordinary piece has been handcrafted by a dedicated team of experts with over 25 years' experience in creating exciting, creative furniture. This unique and practical piece is as fun as it is useful. Beautiful and durable in equal measure, it belongs as much in an art gallery as it does in your home. Made from hardwearing materials and created to last, this piece will be a main stay in your home for years and years to come.

Depth: 16" | Height: 57" | Width: 26"

This is a Bespoke item; please read our Terms and Conditions for Bespoke orders. Contact Gigi Brooks' Customer Services if you have any questions or would like to discuss your design options with one of our team of specialists.