Delphy Three Piece Babygro Collection with Green Suitcase

Plain Mary

The Delphy Three Piece Babygro Collection has been especially created to bring bright character to a young child"s wardrobe. The classic white Babygro has been given a modern twist, with each piece beautifully embroidered to match the affection of watching a young one grow. The long-sleeved Babygros are pure cotton and feature the words yummy, fresh and loved.

The collection of Babygros are presented in a charming, eco-friendly, handmade green mini-suitcase, meaning these wonderful pieces are always at arm"s reach. The suitcase can also be used for transporting a small child"s favourite toys for their next exciting holiday.

The sizing of the Babygros are as follows-

Embroidered fresh Babygro- 0-3 months

Embroidered yummy Babygro- 3-6 months

Embroidered loved Babygro - 6-12 months