Dianna Buttermilk Yellow Duck Cashmere Blanket

Kinder Cashmere

The Dianna Buttermilk Yellow Duck Cashmere Blanket is a charming and elegant piece that has been delicately and beautifully created to envelope little ones in a glorious and lavish display of glorious cashmere fabric. The cashmere fabric feels delightful against the skin, allowing plush comfort when taking a calming snooze or wrapping up warm when the temperature begins to cool.

The blanket is finished in a soothing and charming pastel blue colour and features elegant and stylish borders around the edges of the piece, fashioned in soft and delightful buttermilk yellow coloured accent. The centre of the blanket hosts a charming image of a curious duck and is finished in the same graceful buttermilk yellow as the borders.

Height: 36" | Width: 28"

100% Cashmere Fabric