Fancy a Cuppa? Memory Game


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Brighten up your table when its time for tea! This kooky memory game is great fun when sharing an afternoon cuppa with friends or family, simply turn over all the cards and take turns in trying to create matching pairs. A delightful game for a real test of the memory, make sure you keep your eyes peeled to spot the doubles, the player with the most matched pairs, when all the cards have gone, wins!

Designed with charming illustrations in a red, white and blue colour pallet making them beautiful to look at as well as to play with. A perfect game or gift for entertainment, guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Presented in a darling beige box, decorated with different items from the playing cards and an ornate navy blue bordering.

- From 3 years
- For 2 to 4 players

Box: 7 x 7 x 9 cm
Cards: 6 x 4 cm