GH Hurt Homeward Bound Newborn Shawl in Crisp White Cashmere

GH Hurt

Every parent will remember the first time they swaddle their precious newborn in his or her own blanket for the first time. As is traditional, a gift of a new shawl in which to wrap this delicate bundle is always gratefully received. At once practical and beautiful, our Homeward Bound shawl offers the softest warmth and protection combined with luxury design and hand-finishing. At the pinnacle of taste and expertly crafted from the finest materials, the solid central panel of this wrap will ensure a small body is harboured safely from the elements, while the wide lace border and delicate scalloping add a touch of undeniable artistry. An ideal piece for use at home or abroad, this shawl could be used in a pram, as a blanket in a car or even as a cherished keepsake of a beautiful memory.

This piece is hand-finished with the utmost care and attention to detail to achieve a truly luxurious creation that combines practicality of purpose with delicate beauty. The knowledge and experience of the artisans who create this piece has led to their stunning creations taking their rightful place on haute couture catwalks and in celebrity households.

Height: 117cm | Width: 100cm