GH Hurt Intricate Lace Baby Shawl in Soft Cream in Cashmere

GH Hurt

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Beautifully-crafted in the softest and most luxurious of materials, this intricate knitted lace shawl is certain to be instantly adored by all who use it. It will provide lasting and versatile comfort and protection for your precious little one, whether at home or abroad. The delicate pattern is repeated across the large central panel, while hand-finished scalloping adorns the perimeter. Simultaneously practical and a piece of great elegance, this shawl is a timeless classic that will endure for generations.

This piece is hand-finished with the utmost care and attention to detail to achieve a truly luxurious creation that combines practicality of purpose with delicate beauty. The knowledge and experience of the artisans who create this piece has led to their stunning creations taking their rightful place on haute couture catwalks and in celebrity households.

Height: 100cm | Width: 120cm