Light Grey & Yellow Bunny Cushion

Bomb Design

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This is one bunny who will never shed hair on the sofa, nibble at your wires or leave chocolate raisons on the carpet. He is loyal, quiet and above all the cuddliest bunny around. Plus, if you get hungry, his secretly hidden carrot supply will keep you well fed and seeing in the dark in no time.

For all those parents who said they couldn't have a pet, now we have these comfortable and adorable knitted pillows. Whether you are looking for a companion to play with or a friend to lay down and cuddle at the end of a long day, these guys will give you all the love and attention you need. Also, with an easy zip up case, when things get messy they're easy to bath, which keeps them fresh and snuggly beneath the sheets.

Height: 30cm | Width: 30cm (excluding ears)