Lulla Smith Belle Bassinet

Lulla Smith

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Our beautiful Belle Bassinet is the girls girl of this collection. The ethereal outer skirt is made from a sheer ivory striped silk organza and embellished with lovely three dimensional French knotted blossoms of silky embroidery thread in made from a sheer ivory. It's billowy underskirt is constructed of Dupioni silk and the outer skirt layer and hood are sheer ivory striped silk organza. The organza is sheer enough that it reveals the underskirt colour and allows it to show through.

A full net petticoat that adds volume and keeps the skirt to shape, a lovely 10" x 10" matching decorative pillow, 1 - 500 thread count cotton fitted sheet, bassinet frame and 2" mattress finish off this heirloom piece.

Each of our hand crafted wooden wicker bassinets comes on wheels, cleverly tucked away out of sight under the opulence of the skirt. There is nothing more convenient than having the baby's bed on wheels for the first few months. Whether to just have the soothing hand pushed back and forth motion or the peace of mind and ease of being able to wheel baby from room to room without disturbing slumber, these bassinets will be a parent's best friend.

With a multitude of beautiful colour combinations to choose from there is a perfect combination to suit every wish and desire. Please get in touch for more information.

This is a Bespoke item; please read our Terms and Conditions for Bespoke orders. Contact Gigi Brooks' Customer Services if you have any questions or would like to discuss your design options with one of our team of specialists.