Majestic Mayhem Embroidered Play Mat

Plain Mary

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The mayhem of playtime can create some precious and treasured memories. Whether playing with exciting toys or resting after a busy day at nursery, this play mat is an ideal childhood play accessory. Shown here in a Brown colour and a multi coloured font, the play mat has been embroidered with "mayhem".

Designed for energetic ones, the play mat is soft and sensitive, meaning little ones are comfortable and relaxed, whether lying on their backs or observing the world on their tummies. The play mats have versatile appeal and purpose, and can also be used as decorative bed covers and charming picnic blankets. Made with incredibly plush and exclusive micro-suede fabric, these elegant play mats are gentle enough for every day play time and sturdy enough for multiple machine washes.

Height: 92cm | Width: 142cm