Mariella Chandelier

Handcrafted Luxury Furniture

This is simply one of the most decorative and imaginatively conceived designs available in our entire lighting collection. Bespoke-made to order by our craftsmen, this fabulous chandelier contains numerous miniature lamps suspended at different heights. Each has a shade which is comprised of three petal-shaped sections, each of which has a different and equally lovely pattern from the Mariella collection. A delicate pink bow above each lamp provides a lovely finishing touch.

This creates a mesmerising ensemble piece and a truly unique aesthetic on your ceiling - literally setting the highest standard for style in the room!

If ever an interior design collection could be described as mouth-wateringly sweet, it's Mariella. Our collection is an astonishing recipe of wonderfully inventive humour, high quality materials and hand-made craftsmanship, with inspiration from the finer elements of Italian cake design. The result is a delectable array of fabulous furnishings. Palettes and patterns which are more usually the domain of top chefs are brought into furniture design and painting with chocolate and cream, teacups and fine china adorning all corners of girls' bedrooms. The hand-painted artwork is beautifully stylised and as sweet as can be. Our collection strikes the perfect balance between cute patterns and cartoon-like imagery on the one hand and superb quality craftsmanship and luxurious comfort on the other. Ultimately, girls will be charmed at every turn by sofas, wardrobes and storage units that are utterly unique.

Depth: 100cm | Width: 250cm | Height: 100cm

All pieces within our Handcrafted Luxury Furniture range can be customised with different fabrics and finishes, please contact us to discuss any design options.

This is a Bespoke item; please read our Terms and Conditions for Bespoke orders. Contact Gigi Brooks' Customer Services if you have any questions or would like to discuss your design options with one of our team of specialists.