Natural Fibre Adult Cashmere Mattress (Soft)


This is the softest mattress in the Natural Fibre collection and is a seriously luxuriant mattress. Here’s the science: we start with a thin layer of coir, add a thicker layer of natural latex. We then add a layer of gorgeous cashmere and to finish, a topping of lambswool. Soft, but not too soft. Just heavenly!

At the core of the cashmere mattress is a 25mm layer of coir (coir is coconut husk which we then combine with natural rubber to create a resilient, strong and springy mattress core).

This layer of coir is then sandwiched between two thicker layers (75mm) of latex foam. Our latex is entirely natural, made using sap tapped from rubber trees which is then filled with air to create a wonderfully breathable and super supportive mattress filling.

Top layers of needled cashmere and organic lambswool. On either side of our natural latex are layers dedicated to dreamy comfort. Firstly comes a 10mm layer of needled cashmere which is then followed by our trademark organic lambswool (10mm).

UK Double - Depth: 21cm | Length: 190cm | Width: 137cm
UK King - Depth: 21cm | Length: 200cm | Width: 150cm

Tension: Soft

- Cashmere
- Organic Coir
- Natural Latex
- Organic lambswool
- 5 year guarantee
- Complies with all standards (BS7177 & BS 5852 Crib 5)