Natural Fibre Adult Lambswool Mattress (Medium)


Here, the trick is to layer thick coir with a slightly thinner slice of latex, topping off with lambswool. The resulting mattress is a little piece of paradise. Small wonder it’s our most popular natural fibre adult mattress.

The lambswool starts with a 75mm thick centre layer of coir. Coir is coconut husk combined with natural rubber which creates a resilient, strong and naturally springy mattress filling

This layer of coir is sandwiched between two layers (50mm) of latex foam. Our latex is entirely natural, made using sap tapped from rubber trees which is filled with air, creating a wonderfully breathable and super supportive mattress filling.

We then add a combination layer of bamboo, cashmere and lambswool (10mm). These special ingredients combine to help regulate body temperature and draw moisture away from your body as you sleep. It’s all finished off with our trademark organic lambswool, a breathable and oh so comfy, finishing touch.

UK Double - Depth: 21cm | Length: 190cm | Width: 137cm
UK King - Depth: 21cm | Length: 200cm | Width: 150cm

Tension: Medium

- Organic Coir
- Natural Latex
- Organic lambswool
- 5 year guarantee
- Complies with all standards (BS7177 & BS 5852 Crib 5)