Natural Fibre Adult Mohair Mattress (Firm)


For those who like their mattresses at the firmer end of the scale. The Mohair sandwiches latex between two pieces of coir and layers of anti-dust mite lambswool. Firm has never felt more flexible – or offered more comfort.

The mohair begins with a thick layer of natural latex foam (75mm). Our latex is wonderfully natural, produced by tapping sap from rubber trees and filling it with tiny air bubbles to create a durable and breathable mattress filling.

This latex layer is then sandwiched between 2 layers of coir (50mm). Coir is coconut husk combined with natural rubber which produces a resilient, strong and naturally springy mattress layer. 

A needled mohair layer (10mm) is then added to help control body temperature and it’s all finished off with a supremely comfy and breathable layer of our organic lambswool (10mm).

UK Double - Depth: 21cm | Length: 190cm | Width: 137cm
UK King - Depth: 21cm | Length: 200cm | Width: 150cm

Tension: Firm

- Mohair
- Organic Coir
- Natural Latex
- Organic lambswool
- 5 year guarantee
- Complies with all standards (BS7177 & BS 5852 Crib 5)