Natural Fibre Pocket Sprung Superb Mattress


The Superb is our most popular mattress and for good reason. The ingenious combination of hand-nested springs, organic lambswool and natural latex tapped from rubber trees, make this mattress a treat for lovers of a lie in.

A 1500 count pocket spring unit sits at the centre of our superb spring. The springs are hand nested in our cotton pockets and can be tensioned to give the mattress a firm, medium or soft comfort level.

Surrounding the spring unit is a wool bond layer followed by a 25mm layer of natural latex. Our latex is made from sap tapped from rubber trees which is filled with tiny air bubbles to create a uniquely breathable and supportive mattress layer.

The Superb is then finished with a layer of our trademark and wonderfully comfy, organic lambswool. 

UK Double - Depth: 22cm | Length: 190cm | Width: 137cm
UK King - Depth: 22cm | Length: 200cm | Width: 150cm

Soft: Supreme comfort
Medium: Resilience and comfort
Firm: Flawless stability and comfort

- Hand nested pocket springs in cotton pockets
- Organic lambswool
- Organic latex
- Complies with all standards (BS7177 & BS 5852 Crib 5)