Ophelia Hand-Painted Two-Door Wardrobe

Handcrafted Luxury Furniture

Our hand-painted wardrobe will create a stunning aesthetic in any room that is simply and genuinely unique. Standing over two meters tall and hand-built in solid wood by our craftsmen, this imposing piece is also highly practical, being able to store a large proportion of girls' clothes or other possession. An elegant soft white finish has been applied by hand to the entire body of the wardrobe. This creates the ideal canvas for our artists to create their masterpiece.

The huge hand-made image, an approximation of life-size, shows the head and neck of the magnificent giraffe - the emblem of the Ophelia collection. The creature's beautiful markings and distinctive horned head are one of nature's most elegant creations and are beautifully re-created in a soft purple palette.

Around the frame of the wardrobe is an ornate hand-carved pattern. A slim and ornate gold border adds a solitary and beautiful hint of colour, creating a cool and classical appearance.

Each colour, material, image and pattern in the Ophelia collection is a delight; but when combined, the result is a range of the most dazzlingly ornate designs that will be adored by girls. The Ophelia collection is created on a grand scale, with our artists and designers favouring furniture with large fronts, high backs and above all elaborate decoration. Inspiration is taken from the African safari, with the beautiful and graceful image of the giraffe adorning many of the pieces. There are in fact two sides to the Ophelia collection: one side is gold, white and rectangular, the other is pink and white and curving. Both will capture the imaginations and hearts of girls. Our craftsmen take every opportunity to weave frills, trims and decorative borders into their beautiful designs. Welcome to the most sophisticated jungle you may ever find.

Depth: 65cm | Height: 210cm | Width: 111cm

All pieces within our Handcrafted Luxury Furniture range can be customised with different fabrics and finishes, please contact us to discuss any design options.

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