Ostrich Egg


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One of the most elegant and unique gems we have come across. A beautiful, perfect ostrich egg has been hollowed out and an elegant sterling silver base and cap with a centre opening have been applied. From the cap hangs a sterling silver chain and a medallion. Engraving isn't included but can be added after purchase at any engraving boutique.

The premise behind this magical piece is for the recipient to scribe wishes and notes to their loved ones and place the notes inside the egg through the top. One day in the future, the egg is opened to reveal all the notes of love and life and memories from the past , to be read by the ones the sentiments are meant for. Very Very Special.

This Ostrich egg makes for an exceptional gift for a new baby, baby shower, birthday, Christening, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, wedding or any other symbolic occasion.

Our beautiful collection offers heirloom pieces established in the French heritage of the Baby's trousseau and combines a revival of tradition with a modern touch. Understated and elegant in the most luxurious materials, this line has gained the confidence of even the most demanding client.

Sterling Silver: 925, Weight: 300gr