Paloma's Nest African Rhinoceros Children's Chair

Paloma's Nest

Turn a playroom or nursery into a miniature animal kingdom with this rhinoceros-shaped children's chair. Handcrafted into the silhouette of a rhinoceros, this charming chair can be used for little ones to rest on when playing with their stuffed toy animals or for sitting upon when completing a drawing of their favorite African animal.

Entirely handcrafted with ecofriendly birch plywood, the chair edges have been rounded and joints have been hidden and secured with wooden biscuits, ensuring that the safest and most ergonomic settings for playtime are achieved. Additionally, this amazing piece has been finished with a beautiful clear water-borne non-toxic natural varnish to protect the wood and sure that little messes can be instantly wiped away and forgotten about.

A truly outstanding piece of children's furniture that will enable hours-upon-hours of enjoyable playtime, this impressive chair comes fully assembled meaning that playtime needn't be delayed.

Suitable for ages two and above; all ages can enjoy with proper adult supervision.

Depth: 19" | Height: 22" | Width: 13.5"