Panther Rug

Nursery & Bedroom Rugs

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With its unique ivory and grey colouring and smiling panther shape, complete with outstretched front and back paws, this delightful rug encourages a relaxed and peaceful environment. This charming item can transform a room into a smile-friendly setting.

Personalise any space with this exquisite handcrafted rug, combining cosiness with an irresistible style. Made from deliciously thick ply wool, this versatile and durable piece adds a timeless fashion and unrivalled comfort to its surroundings.

Suitable for professional rug cleaning only, this practical essential does not require dry cleaning, bringing an everyday usefulness to its distinctive character. Beautifully crafted and warmly inspired, this spotty panther themed rug brings a friendly and fun element to soft interiors.

Height: 4.8ft | Width: 2.8ft