Pili Carrera Pink Hooded Baby Carrier

Pili Carrera

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We have held this carrier at Gigi Brooks Headquarters and if we could crawl into it ourselves we would! Cloudlike is the word that comes to mind. Light but dense with a contained billowy. Impeccably designed with elegance, craftsmanship, good taste and comfort, this beautiful baby carrier sac is in a league of it's own.

Crafted from a blend of the finest Merino wool and cotton with delicate detailing and an outstanding sumptuousness to keep baby in the height of comfort. Subtle pastel pinks create a harmonious soft palette that just speaks "sweet baby girl". Perfect for anywhere; a pram or buggy, on travels or just simply in arms.

A lovely staple one for the baby trousseau or a special Welcome to the world for a newborn baby gift.

Body: 70% Cotton - 30% Merino Wool
Lining: 70% Cotton - 30% Merino Wool
Filling: 100% Polyester

Height: 80cm | Width: 44cm