Pirate Peek-a-Boo Blanket

Little Red Stuga

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Get ready to sail the seven seas with our friendly pirate character. Designed to be engaging and approachable, a far cry from traditional pirates, he is ready to welcome all aboard ready for adventure on the journeys ahead.

Our innovative Peek-a-Boo Blankets are a fantastic way to interact and engage with children. As the name would suggest, you can play peek-a-boo with younger babies, due to the clever design of eyeholes to each pattern. Each blanket can become a friend and a comforter, whilst also offering great memory stimulation. As your child grows, as do their needs. Each blanket is 100% pure cotton, making this also wonderful for naptime. Once they reach toddler years each blanket can become a character in elaborate adventures and games, broadening imagination.

Height: 70cm | Width: 70cm