Tia Pink Striped Lamp (Cerise Rose)

Whimsical Room Lighting

The Tia Pink Striped Lamp features an exquisite tower lampshade donned with an elegant cerise rose, set against a contemporary green sash.

The combination of differing colours and shapes coordinate wonderfully with the stand, creating a piece that is truly individual. The base is an elegant shade of pink, and has a wonderfully curved shape with an enlarged centre section, that is remarkably striking

This is a Bespoke item. Please read our Terms and Conditions for Bespoke orders. Contact Gigi Brooks' Customer Services if you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss design options with our team of specialists.

Height: 26.75"

Please note that this beautiful piece is wired to US electrical standards; please contact customer services if you would like a quote for having this piece re-wired to your country's own electrical standards.