William Storage Bench

Handcrafted Luxury Furniture

This incredibly inventive piece welds together product and furniture design, with a large dash of fine art. The result is a truly original piece, bespoke-created by the hands of our craftsmen to ensure each piece bears the touch of the artist. The focus of all attention is of course on the backboard, beautifully crafted and stylised to resemble the front of a classic car. Its colours are taken from the beautifully bold palette of the William collection, containing orange, yellow ochre and beige. Careful attention to detail is paid to the selection of fabrics, with a pleated finish creating a wonderfully authentic front grille.

The storage bench is fashioned in fabrics that are equally fine. Around the edge is a pleated silky fabric of beautiful shimmering beige. The bench top is covered in a lovely velvety material, thickly padded to provide a comfortable seat for several youngsters at once. The piece benefits from a solid-wood frame, hand-constructed in solid wood. Further exquisite detail can be found in the hand-carving in the four superbly curving legs.

Classically timeless childhood imagery is brought spectacularly up to date in our William collection. Youngsters and parents alike will fall for the charm of the classic racing car, whose curving Art Deco chassis features strongly in our beds, chairs, wardrobes and drawers. No matter how big their dreams may be, these beautifully bold hand-made pieces will bring them to life in the brightest colours and the most imaginative designs. Each piece in the collection is bespoke-made on demand, built from solid, high-quality woods and soft, durable fabrics by our expert craftsmen. The shape of the car, dreamily doodled on a thousand youngsters' notepads, is lovingly recreated by the hands of our artists, on furniture and framed artwork. Shades of cream and turquoise are illuminated by the glow of orange and ochre lights. 

Depth: 50cm | Height: 85cm | Width: 120cm

All pieces within our Handcrafted Luxury Furniture range can be customised with different fabrics and finishes, please contact us to discuss any design options.

This is a Bespoke item; please read our Terms and Conditions for Bespoke orders. Contact Gigi Brooks' Customer Services if you have any questions or would like to discuss your design options with one of our team of specialists.